Last week we celebrated MLK day. It was a lazy day, a family day, a make some oatmeal cookies and eat them all kind of day, but most of all, it was a ‘sleep in’ day. There was no need for the alarm clock or rushing kids out the door…nope it was a lazy day. A holiday.

I woke up at 8:09 to a quiet house. The kids were both asleep. Devin, who had gotten up with the chickens, literally, was out feeding the chickens. I drug my sluggish body out of my warm bed and staggered into the bathroom and did what people usually do in the bathroom. Then I shuffled to the kitchen and poured me a hot cup of energy. After the caffeine had a chance to hit my bloodstream and the world news had a chance to enlighten me to the fact that “bangs are back” I decided to make the kids a big breakfast.

By the time I made it to the kitchen Devin was just coming in from the chicken yard. “what are you getting ready to do?”, he asked. “I thought I’d make a big breakfast for the kids”, I replied. “what are you going to make?”, he said. “I’m thinking pancakes and bacon”. “why don’t you surprise Caleb and make waffles?” he said, “If you’ll mix the batter, I’ll make them”

Caleb, for whatever reason, asked for a waffle maker for Christmas. His Christmas wish came true on Christmas eve. When he opened the beautifully wrapped box from my Mom and saw that it was his waffle maker he was thrilled! Caleb doesn’t cook and has never really showed much of an interest in the hobby, but the thought of freshly made waffles for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack must have been something he had dreamed of for a while.

I liked Devin’s idea of waffles, so I went to work making the batter from scratch and Devin cooked them into perfectly shaped waffle rounds. When the waffles were finished and the bacon was fried, I tiptoed back to Caleb’s room to wake him with the good news. There he was, my little boy who used to look so small in his bed, had somehow grown into a young man who’s long body stretched from the headboard to the footboard. I leaned over his bed and said softly in his ear,

“hey Bub, it’s time to rise and shine!”

There was no movement.

“I made waffles!”

When the word “waffle” hit his ears, signs of life began to show. He slowly began to stretch and moaned, turning over to peek at me with one sleepy eye. He smile ever so slightly and motioned me toward him. He patted the bed and said, “here momma come sit beside me.” I pushed his long lanky legs out of the way and sat down. He reached his arms around my neck and pulled me in for a big hug, this is when he said something that I was not expecting. “I want kids so bad, and you’re so lucky, you have four of them!” I smiled on the inside and the outside and said, “what are you gonna do with kids when you have them?” He gave me a sleepy smile and said, “I’m gonna take them to buy new shoes and play with them and love on them and get them dressed in the mornings…I just can’t wait to be a dad, it’s gonna be great!”

I swear this kid melts my heart! What started out as a simple gift of waffles turned into a gentle reminder…upside the head. In my 23 years of being a mom there have been many, many times that I have lost sight of the big picture. The end result. I have gotten caught up in things, that in the end, don’t really matter all that much, like messy rooms, forgotten backpacks, dirty socks in the floor, unflushed toilets and lost homework. I have voiced my grievances at hearing the word “mom” 2,893 times a day, and turned down the invitation for an impromptu card game more times than I like to admit, and pulled my hair in sheer frustration when their test scores weren’t what I thought they should be.

It took a 60 second conversation from my 13-year-old son to remind me what a privilege it is to be called “mom” by Colton, Kelsey, Cassady and Caleb. A privilege to stop what I’m doing and play a game. A privilege to pick up their socks and take their homework to school. A privilege to take their phone call and hear about their day. A privilege to pray for them when things are gray. A privilege to support them even if I don’t get it. I am reminded to celebrated the little things and to not sweat the small stuff. I am reminded of the high calling of motherhood and the importance of unconditional love. And after that brief conversation, I am reminded just how “lucky” I am.

Thank you Lord for the gentle reminder!

Thanks for reading! I love you more than waffles and bacon 😉