You could say I waited 190,080 minutes

Or…3,168 hours

Or…132 days

Or just 4 months

However you add it up, I have proof that good things come to those who wait!

I am proud to announce that I am now a chicken owner!! That’s right, Mr. Wonderful kept his Christmas promise of chickens…making my dream of owning chickens come true.

On Saturday, May 5th, as I was preparing our home and food for a graduation reception that was to be held in our home, Devin and Caleb were at a local auction buying my chickens. Don’t tell anybody but I think he was almost as excited as I was to bring home a pick truck load of beautiful chickens. He kept texting me with updates…”3 chickens so far!”…”just got 4 more!”…”we are now up to 12!” I was getting more excited by the minute…I could hardly stand it…then I got the final tally. 19 chickens!

Here is my first look at the girls.

See the three white ones? Those are the old ladies. We got those to show the younger ones the ropes of the chicken yard and of course to give us some eggs. They are called Easter Egg Chickens or Ameraucana.

The Easter Eggers lay the most beautiful colored, bluish-green eggs. They laid two the very first day!!! I am one lucky girl!

In all, he bought 3 Easter Eggers, 8 golden Sex Links (pullets), 5 Dominickers (young ones) and 3 Rhode Island Red (young ones).

I have taken 2,738 pictures thus far (clearly I’m obsessed!). Here’s a few.

This is Mrs. Fry. She is laying me an egg. She would really appreciate it if I would go away and give her some privacy.

This is Penny.

She’s my favorite. Can I have a favorite? Is that bad?

She thinks I’m her momma.

This is one of the Dominicker babies poking her head out of the hen house.

This makes me happy 🙂 I am finally the owner of an egg bucket. With eggs.

All the waiting. All the planning. All the working. Was it worth it? Absolutely! Thank you Devin for making my dream of chickens come true. You are truly Mr. wonderful 😉

More updates to follow!