Five months ago when my chicken adventure began, I really had no idea what to expect, what to do, or how to take care of them. All I knew was, I wanted some in the worst way! Thanks to Mr. wonderful and Caleb, I am now a chicken owner…bordering on being one of those crazy chicken ladies 😉

I never knew how much fun it would be and how unbelievably relaxing it would be just to sit and watch them from my chicken watching chair….yes I have a chicken watching chair…I have two actually. I realize that not everyone can have chickens and not everyone wants chickens but I thought you might like to meet them and maybe imagine (as I would) sitting in the chicken watching chair, with the warm breeze blowing across your skin and the smell of freshly mowed grass in the air, all the while listening to the gentle cluck of chickens around your feet.

Are you ready?

First of all let me introduce you to the three matriarchs. They are the oldest. They are the biggest. They are the bossiest and they are the only ones laying (right now). They are affectionally named after the three widows of Rohr Road.

This is Ms. Fry (no pun intended) she is the self proclaimed boss of the chicken yard and an excellent layer. As you can tell she takes this job very seriously…I think she would like a little privacy 😉

I can tell her apart from the other two because she has the biggest and most beautiful red comb…not to offend the other two but hers is definatly the prettiest…hence the bossy additude. Another, less glamorous marking is a crooked toe on her right foot…maybe it’s a bunion…maybe its an old war injury…whatever it is, its just a sure fire way for me to know its Ms. fry.

Next we have Edith. Her comb is not as big but she is just as beautiful and a fine egg layer as well.

The last of the three but certainly not the least, is Maxine. She has what they call a rose comb and she has a little sweeter disposition.

They lay the most beautiful bluish-green eggs. I think want a room painted this color.

Theses are our Buff Orpingtons. At one time Devin thought these were Golden Sexlinks but he thinks he may have been wrong.

Wait a minute! Back up the truck! Did I say he was wrong?? Yes I did! Let there be dancing in the streets….with free sweet tea and fried taters for everyone…it’s a new day dawning!

Ok back to reality and my story. If these are Orpingtons then we have eight of them and none of the are named because I can’t tell them apart except for Earl that is.

This is Earl.

We think he might be a rooster. We didn’t want any roosters just yet but from the looks of things we may have one. I named him Earl after Earl Wells…a friend of mine who’s a little cocky, a little bossy and likes to rule the roost;-) If its not a rooster and in fact a chicken, I will just call her Earline.

And these are the babies.

We started out with five Dominickers and Three Rhode Island Reds, but the very first day a mean old chicken hawk came and got one of my Dominickers. I was just sick about it. Then there were four 🙁 when I became inraged about that stupid hawk coming on to MY property and killing one of MY babies, Devin said, “well, that’s just what happens some time. That’s just nature. Welcome to farm life. That’s just the way it goes.” and of course he said, “I told you this was gonna happen.”

That may be nature but that don’t mean I gotta like it!

The babies are my favorite because they let me pick them up and hold them. I named one of the Dominickers Lovey Howell from Gilligans Island because she loves to hop up in my lap and be loved on.

This is her. She’s so cute and sweet.

And the funniest thing ever is when you scratch her neck, she falls sound asleep…I mean dead out asleep.

The three Rhode Island Reds all have been named. There’s Lucille (not pictured), Scarlet (not pictured), and then there’s Penny.

Let me introduce to you, Penny.

She thinks I’m her momma.

She waits for me at the gate and follows me back to the gate when I leave.

So sweet.

Don’t tell anyone but she my favorite, I wouldn’t want to upset the other chickens. I think the feeling is mutual. I took this picture the other day when I was feeding. She hopped up on my shoulder to get a better view 😉

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief introduction. Stay tuned for more Hen House Happenings and thanks for visiting!