Today was the last day of Christmas break. No more late nights, playing games and watching movies. No more sleeping late, carefree days and non stop eating. Tomorrow is back to our regular routine and structured days.

The kids and I had to go into the big city today to run some errands. After we were done, they asked if we could go to the mall and eat lunch in the food court and then do some looking around. I, of course, said yes. Anytime there’s food AND shopping…I’m all over it! After we ate our lunch, Cassady and I had to go to the restroom….why do so many of my stories involve a restroom? 😉 When I got into my stall I overheard two girls talking. They were about four stall apart, I wasn’t really listening to what they were saying, just girlish jibber jabber so I wasn’t really interested, until I over heard one say to the other, “hey, I need some toilet paper down here.” The other girl said, “well your just gonna have to wait till I’m done.” By now I was getting ready to leave my stall, so I grabbed a big wad of paper, walked out to the middle of the restroom and asked, “which one needed then paper?” the young girl stuck her hand out from under the door and said with excitement, “I do!” I handed it to her, washed and dryed my hands, and off I went.

That’s it.

No big deal.

Just gave toilet paper to a girl in need….I’m not sure that makes for a BIG day in anybody’s book, but that’s all I’ve got 🙂

I do, however, have a better BIG day story from a few weeks ago, it takes place at the mall once again. What can I say….I like to shop!!

Three weeks before Christmas, mall parking lots are typically a mad house…and on this particular day at this particular mall, it didn’t disappoint. It was ca-ra-zy! I puttered up and down the isles, for what seemed like an eternity, looking for that perfect, close to the entrance, parking place, because lord knows I wouldn’t want to burn off any calories from walking! After much searching I finally found a mediocre parking place….nothing to write home about but it would do. Just as I was getting ready to get out of my car, my phone rang. It was Kelsey. As I sat in the car talking to her and playing catch up, I noticed a man and woman roaming around the parking as if they were looking for someone. They were a very well dressed couple in there mid 70’s. I watched them for a few minutes while they continued to search for what ever it was they were looking for. I watched until I could no longer see them. Kelsey and I continued with our conversation for a few more minutes when I noticed them again….still searching. I then realized they must be looking for their car.

I got off the phone with Kelsey and began the walk, about three rows over, to where to elderly couple was standing. “Have you guys lost your car?”, I asked? The woman quickly turned around, she had a frantic look on her face, she said, “I KNOW I parked right here….I remember distinctly parking right in front of this column by the Christmas trees! I feel so stupid”, she said. “Oh don’t worry”, I said, ” we will find it….and your not stupid, it happens to all of us”, I said with a smile. I noticed that the man never spoke, he just followed her every move, like a kid with his mother.

I asked them a few questions like, what color their car was and how far down the row she thought they parked. We walked around a little bit and looked but still nothing. Then it came to me. “are you sure you parked on this side of the mall?”, I asked, “because both sides, front and back are identical….they look just alike.” The woman paused and said, ” well, maybe, I’m just not sure.” She then began to grow even more frantic. Still her husband never said a word.

It was getting colder and I could tell they were tired. She seemed very concerned about her husband also, so I said, “would you like for me to drive you around to the other side to see if your car is over there?” They both agreed. I got them in the car and off we went. While I was driving, her husband began to talk about where their car might be. She looked over at me and mouthed very quietly, “he has Alzheimer’s”. My heart just broke for her…lost, cold, tired and worried about her husband….I was praying we could find their car. As we reached the other side, sure enough, It was there! With a red flag tied to the antenna so they wouldn’t loose it! (I thought that was kinda funny) As they got out of the car, she thanked me repeatedly. I wished them a merry Christmas and said God bless, then they were on their way.

After I left their car, I went back to the other side where I was parked earlier…then I thought….I’ll never find another parking place that close to the entrance again….I’m gonna have to walk forever! As I pulled down the isle, believe it or not, a car was pulling out of the very first parking place!! It was about five feet from the entrance! No calorie burning for me!!! I call that a God wink. A God wink is when God does a little something to let you know he’s thinking about you and that he cares. I love those!

That was a good day.

That was a BIG day!