Since thanksgiving I have been going, going, going non stop and I am sure you have been doing the same. With one holiday after the other, it’s hard not to be so busy. I have not been able to stay home, for an entire day, without needing to go somewhere in over a month, and my house is showing signs of it. The dusting, vacuuming and general cleaning has been neglected to the point where I HAD to stay home at least one day and get some things done. Today was that day.

After I got up this morning and had my hot tea, I jumped in the shower to “wash a little off and spray a little on” as my mother used to say. While in the shower I began to pray about my day and for the opportunities it might bring. Since I would be working at home today and didn’t plan on leaving the house at all, I wondered if I would find an opportunity to make my day a BIG day. I whispered a little prayer asking God to make me sensitive and aware, and then I went about my merry way.

Just before Christmas, someone blessed us with a used 4 wheeler. Devin had some work done on it to get it to good running condition and then presented it to the kids on Christmas eve. This was a pretty big deal at our house….as a matter of a fact it was a REALLY big deal. We live out in the country with plenty of land for 4 wheelin’ but the worlds tightest man never wanted to spend the money on one…..hence the name. Anyway, when the kids saw it, they were thrilled!! (thanks David and Diana, and thanks Devin for making it happen!)

The next day, Devin had all the kids lined up outside for 4 wheelin’ safety 101. He stressed safety, common sense and respect of this new piece of machinery. After a few trips around the property, Caleb came in the house wearing a huge grin, excited that he finally learned to drive his very own 4 wheeler. After a few days of driving dad or Colton around, Devin finally let them drive solo.

On New Years Day, after taking a ride on his new toy, Caleb walked toward me with a real cocky swagger and a forced deep voice and said, “hello little lady, I was wondering if you would like to go out on a date with me on the four wheeler this afternne?” He was so cute and so funny….I couldn’t hardly stand to say it but I had to say no. We had family coming over for New Years dinner and I still had so much work to do. “I can’t go today babe”, I said, “but maybe tomorrow will work.” He agreed, and off he went.

Today, after all of our work was finished, Caleb reminded me of our date. It was really cold outside and I was kind of tired but I remembered my prayer, that God would give me an opportunity to make my day a BIG day…so I said, “yes!”

We drove over to the barn and caleb started the four wheeler. He hopped on and told me to climb on back.

He was very proud to be driving his momma around our property…I think it made him feel grown up and responsible….which he is! I have to admit I was a little nervous….I have only been on a 4 wheeler a few times and have never driven one. I would yell out, “slow down Caleb!”, when he would hit a bump. He would just laugh and say, “oh momma, you are so funny!” We laughed and laughed and enjoyed our time together. I just love that kid!

To the average person, nothing about this day would make it a BIG day, but to Caleb…it was a pretty BIG day, and that’s all that matters. I could have easily said, once again, “not today”, but I was gently reminded to take time to bless those around me. I was then blessed ten thousand times more!

I was reminded today, don’t forget about those closest around you when you’re looking to have a BIG day!