Today was the first snow day of the year here in verdigris. There wasn’t a lot of snow but enough to get the kids out of school….. that’s all that really matters.

The kids woke up bright and early, of course. Caleb came in like a herd of buffalo to ask me if I had seen the snow yet. When I replied “NO”, he said, “you haven’t been up yet to look outside?? Why not??” Well maybe because it’s not even daylight outside! “Well I saw it”, he said……….. “I just want to break out in praise right now!!!” He was one happy boy.

Cassady woke up early too but not in a happy, I love snow days kind of way. Instead, she woke up in a, I’m gonna kill that dog!!! kind of way. I just had to laugh to myself when I heard the news that she woke up to the sound of Bayle chewing on her third pair of ear phones. Yep, you heard me right. Since Christmas, Bayle has put her beagle nose to the ground, sniffed out Cassady’s earphones and destroyed three sets! The last pair being purchased just 12 hours before. Gotta love that dog!

As soon as we were all up and around, Caleb was ready to hit the snow. I was not really excited about this because it just means more work for me. I mean, come on, it takes twenty minutes of getting ready for just fifteen minutes of play! Then they bring in all the wet, nasty clothes, boots, hats and gloves for me to dry and put away. UGH! Anyway, after that was all over, we had some lazy, lay around on the couch, t.v. time. That’s my idea of a snow day!

Toward the end of the day, the kids began to get a little bored and restless when Cassady decided to throw out a little wager to Caleb. (this could be dangerous) She said, “Caleb, I will give you $2.00 if you will go outside and stand for two minutes…..naked! He didn’t even hesitate! He just said with a smile,” ok, I’ll do it!” ( I told you they were bored)

I convinced him to wait until after dark, so the little widow ladies on our road wouldn’t see him and call the police…..thats all I need!

Later that evening, when we were all sitting around the table gorging ourselves on biscuits and gravy, Cassady said, ” ok Caleb, are you ready for that $2?” Caleb said, ” yep! $2.00 for two minutes right?” With a mouth full of biscuit and honey, Devin asked, ” what are they talking about?” I told him that Caleb was going to stand outside naked for two minutes, as a bet. Of course, Mr. fun sucker said, “that’s not a good idea… don’t need to be outside, in this cold with no clothes on….you’ll catch yourself a cold! (dear lord, he sounds like one of the widow ladies on our road)

This prompted a discussion of sorts that sounded something like this:

Me~ Devin, it’s not that big of a deal…..let him do it.

Devin~ he is gonna get sick being out in that cold.

Me~ Devin…….. darlin’…….. you don’t catch a cold by being out IN the cold!
It’s a virus! You get it from other people….from germs……

Devin~ well, being out in the cold makes your resistance low so you get sick easier.

Me~ I wish Dr. Oz would walk through that door right now. We could ask him who is right and who is wrong. He would say, “Tonya, you are absolutely right, you can’t get sick from cold air. Devin, you are wrong!” Then balloons and confetti would fall from the sky, people would began to cheer and chant my name. Angels would sing…….it would be glorious!” (he just looked at me like I was crazy)

Finally, Devin agreed to let Caleb go. (angels still singing)

Caleb goes to the door, shucks his clothes and runs outside. Grinning from ear to ear, he just stands there. Freezing. He looked so funny. His skinny little legs sticking out from his blue plaid boxers and nothing else.

We really need our own reality show.

Two minutes later, he walks in victorious, $2.00 richer and no worse for the wear.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t wake up in the morning with a cold!

That was our snow day….how was yours?