During one of our many days of being snowed in, I decided to clean out and organize my bathroom cabinets. In an effort to funnel some of Cassadys energy into something constructive, I recruited her to help me.

I began to take everything out, and one by one I decided whether to keep it or throw it away. Cassady’s job was to go through all of the medicine to see if it was still good or if it had expired. As she was going through a box of cough syrups and cold medicines she ran across a box of Alka Seltzer, of all things. When she picked it up she immediately threw it down and said, “oh gross! That’s toad stool softener!”

[it’s times like these that I should be the perfect mother and gently tell her that she has made a mistake and then tell her how to say it correctly……but I don’t…..instead, I blog about it!]

Well, needless to say, I lost it! I got a good belly laugh out of this one! I said, “Cassady, what did you call it?” She said, “that stuff is toad stool softener…..yuck! (bless her heart, she just don’t know) Still laughing, I said, “a toad stool is a stool that a toad sits on! A mushroom!

[awkward silence]

Then, the lightbulb came on and she began to laugh too! One of her greatest attributes is her sense of humor and the ability to laugh at herself.

The ability to laugh at yourself is a gift. A gift that you give to yourself. Go ahead…..laugh out loud and don’t take yourself so serious. Enjoy the gift that keeps on giving.

Writing and telling stories is my new love. If my writing can provoke a smile or lift a heavy heart then I have done my job. Please give the gift of laughter to the people you know by sharing this blog with them. Most of you have found me via facebook but anyone can find me at www.tonyarohr.com. Share the laughter and let’s watch it grow!

Thanks for reading!