IMG_1463Saturday, June 29, 2013 marked 28 years of marriage for Devin and I.
The day did not start slow and peaceful like God intended. No, it
Started out with a bang. But before I tell you all about that, let me fill you in on a few details from a couple of days before.

On Thursday, two days before our anniversary, one of our chickens died suddenly, for no apparent reason. Of course this started a small family debate. Cassady wanted to give it a proper burial, with a short scripture reading and a song. Devin wanted to throw her in ditch.

Guess which one we did.

Funny thing happened though when Devin was throwing her in the ditch. As he took a step forward to sling my poor dead chicken through the air, he threw out his left knee with it. Totally out. When he drove back to the house and got out of his truck I noticed he was hobbling a little more than usual, quite a bit more, kinda like Festus on Gun Smoke. You don’t know who that is? Google it.

By the time he got about three steps away from his truck, he stopped dead in his tracks and doubled over in pain. I quickly yelled for Caleb to come help me get his dad in the house. With Caleb under one arm, and I under the other, we carefully, at a snail’s pace, got him to his chair. I propped him up, packed his knee with ice, found some crutches and waited for the morning to see the doctor.

The next morning, his knee was even worse. After a few calls, we were able to get a 10:00 a.m. appointment. After x-rays and a consultation with the doctor, we were told we were looking at an MRI and possible surgery. Not really what we wanted to hear but grateful it wasnt worse. As we sat alone in the little exam room, Devin said, “well babe, happy anniversary”. With a puzzled look I said, “it’s not until tomorrow”. “I know”, he said, “this will spoil things a bit, Looks like we will get an MRI for our anniversary”. Not particularly romantic, but necessary.

After all errands and appointments of the day had been marked off our list, we headed home to meet Colton and Megan who were coming in for the weekend. I worked on supper, cleaned house and began preparations for a large party to be hosted at our house on Sunday, mean while, Devin was laid up in pain.

When Colton and Megan arrived at the house that evening, the first thing they did was let the dogs out to run free. They love the wide open spaces and having other dogs to play with. When I saw the dogs running and having fun, a horrible thought flashed through my brain…THE GUINEAS! I yelled at Colton to watch the dogs so they wouldn’t get my birds. He quickly yelled their name and scolded them for chasing and taunting my fowl friends. After an hour or so it seemed the dogs had learned that these birds were off-limits. My two dogs never bothered them so I hoped these dogs would learn to so the same. That night, when it was time for bed, Colton put both of the dogs in their kennel for the night…just to be on the safe side.

The next morning Devin woke me up bright and early with some news. “You better get up and go check on your birds, Colton must have let the dogs out last night”. I shot straight up out of bed, grabbed my glasses and ran out to the yard, still in my pajamas. When I walked out on to the porch, Devin showed me a feather pile and said, “when I came out Rocco was laying in a bed of feathers chewing on a wing”. I was just sick. Then I got mad. I ran over with a stick threatening to kill every dog in the yard, whether they were involved or not. I shooed the dogs away, cleaned the guinea parts up from the yard, and put the two visiting dogs back in their kennels, then I went on a hunt for the remaining four birds. When I found them they were in the neighbor’s yard, scared to death. It took fifteen minutes of baby talk and a can of food to get them to follow me. Scared and disoriented, they slowly found their way back to familiar surroundings.

After I had a chance to calm down from that horrific episode, it was time to hop in the shower and get ready for a day of maternity clothes shopping for my daughter in law. It was her birthday and we had a full day planned. And with the “to do” list I left for the boys, they had a full day planned too 😉

Megan and I enjoyed our thirty minute drive into Tulsa chatting fast as our jaws would let us. We caught up on past news, talked about the baby and their bright future. Then, out of the clear blue, a thought came that made my heart skip a beat. “Oh no!”, I said with regret in my voice, “today’s our 28th anniversary and I didn’t say anything to Devin!” With such a crazy start to our day, I had forgotten all about it. I felt so bad. A few minutes later when he called to ask me something, he said. “Oh yeah, Happy anniversary!” “I’m so sorry I forgot”, I said apologetically. “Don’t worry about it”, he replied, “with all that was going on this morning, I forgot too”.

After a successful day of shopping, a luncheon date with friends and a tour of a Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby, it was time for me to head home. I knew when got home there would still be a full day of work to be done before the party could take place at our house on Sunday. Caleb and I worked in the yard, weed eating, pulling weeds from the flower bed and picking veggies from the garden. When I got inside that night I still had to finish making pulled pork, bake a buttermilk pound-cake, clean the kitchen and then prepare to teach Sunday school the next morning.

After every chore had been done, At 12:35, I drug my poor exhausted mind and body to the bathroom to wash my face and get ready for bed. As I pulled the covers back and crawled into bed, being careful not to wake Devin, I began to reflect on my day as I often do. I was a lucky girl, a tired, lucky girl. Then my mind began to race with all the things that were left undone and waiting on me with the rising if the sun. More cooking and cleaning were waiting, and so was getting the yard ready for the 85 people who would be at our house within hours. As I tried to relax my mind and aching body, I thanked God for my day, for my family and for my many blessings. I was truly a blessed. Suddenly, in the stillness of the night I felt Devin’s warm hand reach over and grab mine. He interlaced his fingers with mine then squeezed my hand ever so gently. Our anniversary was spent doing all the things that life required and being everything that everybody needed. The day had come to a close, now it was just the two of us.

As I lay there with his warm hand holding mine, I ended my prayer with a smile and a verbal, “thank you Jesus”, the same thing I said exactly twenty-eight years ago to the day.

Happy anniversary sweet heart. Thank you for being everything that I’m not. For being the calm in my storm, my biggest fan and my very best friend. I am so grateful for your wisdom, for your strength, for your calming ways and steady walk. Thank you for keeping me grounded and steady, for being trustworthy and honest, and for being a man of integrity that our kids can look up to and model themselves after. Thank you for being you and for being mine. IU!