For my birthday I wrote a post entitled, 49 things I want to do while I’m still 49. #28 on my list read something like this:

#28 I want to use my antique red, white and blue glasses this year for the 4th of July…I say this every year and every year I forget…but not this your baby! I’m turning over a new leaf!

And turn over a new leaf I did. I’m proud to announce that I have fulfilled #28 on my list!

We had a very small gathering at our house this year for the 4th. The group consisted of Devin and I, my mother and Mack, Kelsey and Devin’s mother, Maxine. It was a casual and relaxed dinner that didn’t require any fanfare or fancy food and it certainly didn’t require antique red, white and blue glasses but I was determined to use them anyway.

For many, many years these cute little gas station freebies were put on display in my mother-in-law’s kitchen….never used…only looked at. After Devin and I were married they became mine. We have been married 27 years and I have never used them in all that time. Kind of sad I think….never being put to use. I sure hope they don’t have feelings like the toys in toy story did. If that’s the case these glasses have been in the cabinet above my refrigerator feeling rejected and useless for a very long time 😉

The day before the fourth, I climbed up on a step-ladder and dug out the festive and patriotic glasses. Carefully, one by one I placed them in a sink of warm soapy water and prepared them for their first big dinner.

The next day, on the fourth, I proudly placed them on the table and then I proudly went and explained to Mr. wonderful why we were using them.

{Mr. Wonderful doesn’t like my patriotic glasses because they’re too small….not big enough around….he can’t get his nose in them…and they don’t hold enough sweet tea…so he has to refill more often…and guess what?…I don’t really care….I’m not asking him to snort the sweet tea…just drink it…so it doesn’t matter if he can get his nose in it or not!}

Anyway, I took the time to explain why I was using the glasses and why HE needed to use the glasses and why he wasn’t supposed to make a big deal about me using or him drinking out of the glasses….whew…this is exhausting. After I explained everything he gladly agreed to use them and not complain, making #28 on my list a huge success.

After dinner was over mom and I went out on the veranda to drink sweet tea from my glasses and enjoy the evening breeze. We decided, in order to commemorate the occasion, we would take a few snap shots of us drinking from the glasses.

***NOTE*** Every time (and I do mean EVERY TIME) my mother and I have our picture taken together it somehow turns into a laugh-fest…and this time was no different.

At first we were sitting on the west end of the veranda. Mom didn’t like this one because she wasn’t ready.

I didn’t like this one at all! I look pregnant!

Here things are starting to get a little out of hand

Finally one we can live with

but we decided that we didn’t like that one because the sun was too bright, so then we moved the dog and pony show to the east side where the swing is.

You would think this would be easy.

But it’s not.

With each and every critique of each and every picture we laugh more and more.

Finally, after 273 tries this is what we ended up with. Neither one of us really liked it but our photographer gave up on us and said we were done.

I DO love my Mamma and I DO love my glasses. Two great things in one post!

#28- use my red, white and blue glasses on the fourth of July….CHECK!