In a previous post entitled, “Boot Camp Is On Hold”, I told you the story about my very unfortunate and very UN-graceful fall that resulted in an injury to my left arm. 13 days later and 2 Dr. visits…it’s still no better. After visiting a hand surgeon it is believed that I have a ruptured ligament and will possibly need surgery to repair it. But this post is not about how bad my hand hurts or how stupid I feel or how mad it makes me…this post is about the things that are difficult to do with one hand. If you’ll notice I didn’t say, things that are impossible…they aren’t impossible….they’re just extremely difficult.

Here are the top ten

1. Typing this post. Most people type with two hands and ten fingers. For the most part…I am typing with one hand and one finger…which puts this in the “difficult” category.

2. Blow drying my hair. I need one hand for the blow dryer and one hand for my brush. Since I only have one good hand, I have one of two options. 1) have ugly hair or 2) have Cassady hold the hair dryer while I move around under it. I have done both.

3. Tying my shoes.

4. Wash my hands. Have you ever tried to wash one hand…thoroughly? It’s practically impossible.

5. Boot camp! Since the one and only time I participated in boot camp almost killed me…I have decided to retire for now…avoiding further injury…and humiliation 😉

6. Putting on Spanx. I tried to do it by myself…not wanting to ask Cassady for help…after ten minutes of pulling and tugging and having a near heat stroke, nervous break down and a hissy fit…I had only gotten them over my knees. I have since retired from Spanx too!

7. Putting on and taking off any articles of clothing.

8. Cater a wedding.

9. Taking a shower. I told Devin that I’m gonna need him to wash my right arm pit because I can’t do it with my non-functioning left hand. He busted out in a deep belly laugh! The person who never laughs…is now laughing at my unfortunate circumstance. He can laugh all he wants, but he’s still gonna have to wash my arm pit! Who’s gonna be laughing then?

10. Washing dishes, folding cloths, making the bed, sweeping….etc, etc, etc. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Now for the things that are easy to do with one hand.

1. Eat

2. Operate the remote control

3. Talk on the phone

4. Sit on the front porch swing and drink sweet tea

5. Point at things that need to be done (that I can’t do)

6. Feed the chickens

7. Give Mr. Wonderful a slap on the behind as he walks by

8. Play tennis (I don’t play tennis but if I did, I could)

9. Play angry birds

10. Laugh (I can do that with no hands)

Now that I think about it….this one handed business might work to my advantage 😉

There’s always something to be thankful for.