Sometimes the feeling of love just overtakes me! The feeling of gratitude, the feeling of gratefulness and inspiration floods me like a river! I don’t know how to explain it….other than just pure joy.

I have this new thing that I do. A new hobby. A new love. A gift to me. Something I never knew I could do. Writing! So I thought what better thing to write about than the things I love!

I have added a new page entitled, I Love… So for my first entry I thought I would start with the obvious.

1. I Love…

Writing! I had been told for years, by friends and strangers, “you need to write a book”. As soon as anyone would tell me I should write, a little voice in my head would quickly say….. you can’t write… don’t know how to write……I listened to the voice….and I did not write….. UNTIL August 1st 2010. Thanks to my good friend, Brock Sawyer, who helped me get started, I became a blogger. I didn’t even know what a blogger was….I just knew I was one! I had NEVER written before….NOTHING….ZIP….NADA! Now I was writing.

8 months, 90 posts, 310 comments, and 21,500 hits later….I am head over heels in love with writing!!!!

I have been a public speaker for years. Telling stories and making people laugh brings me much joy. Now I get to do what I love anytime I like (usually after midnight), in the comfort of my home. What could be better than that?

As much as I love writing, there is something I love more….YOU! My readers! I am still blown away each morning when I check my stats and find, to my surprise, you’re still there, reading! I am inspired by your comments, touched by your support and encouraged by your positive feedback! Thank you!

So, for the record, I love…writing and I love YOU!